Free Geometric Transformations software

Geometric Transformations software


A geometric calculator script

A geometric calculator script

A geometric calculator calculates the surface area of a code cilinder or a cone volume A geometric calculator either calculates the SA of a cylinder the SA of a cone and the volume of a cone br br It is great for beginners who are ... [...]
Geometric standard deviation script

Geometric standard deviation script

Geometric standard deviation calculates the geometric standard deviation of an array The stats toolbox provides a function to calculate the geometric mean of an array but a function for the geometric standard deviation is oddly missing Here is a function to fill that void with ... [...]
Geodetic Transformations

Geodetic Transformations

Geodetic Transformations - Set of tools for transformation used in geodesy Set of tools to perform transformations between projection ellipsoidal and cartesian coordinates in either direction Included areproj ell - projection to ellipsoidalell cart - ellipsoidal to global cartesiand trafo - datum transformation between global ... [...]
Weighted Geometric Mean

Weighted Geometric Mean

Weighted Geometric Mean - Weighted geometric mean of a vector Calculates the geometric mean of a vector X first argument weighted by the values of another vector W second argument It may be already available but I didn't find it so here it is just ... [...]
Discrete Cosine/Sine Transformations script

Discrete Cosine/Sine Transformations script

Discrete Cosine Sine Transformations script is a Python implementation of discrete Cosine Sine transformations Discrete Cosine Sine Transformations script is a Python implementation of discrete Cosine Sine transformations ... [...]

GeoDLL 15.15

GeoDLL supports the development of geodetic software on various platforms by providing geodetic functions GeoDLL contains precise calculations on the themes D and D coordinate transformation geodetic datum shift and reference system converting meridian strip changing user defined coordinate and reference systems distance calculations Digital ... [...]


ALLTRANS can be used for world wide professional coordinate transformations Transformations between State-Plane-Coordinates NAD NAD Transverse Mercator Lambert Soldner-Cassini Mercator EOV Krovak LV Gauss-Krueger UTM- Geographical- and d-Coordinates Moduls to calculate datum shift parameter and interface to geoid models English German program design br br ... [...]


TRANSDAT is a useful application that executes coordinate transformations with and without changing the geodetic reference system datum shift in high quality and with heigh performance br br With TRANSDAT these world wide coordinate transformations and Reference System transformations are available br middot The current ... [...]
Altova FlowForce Server

Altova FlowForce Server 2016 R2 SP1

Altova FlowForce Server is a highly scalable platform developed to automate enterprise workflows for data transformation aggregation and conversion as well as document and report generation and other tasks performed by dedicated high-speed servers It empowers data architects analysts and other IT professionals to implement ... [...]

OrbitGraph 2.0

Create geometric designs Save your favorite settings and create design on top of design Play around with the settings and the colors and start drawing Undo if you don't like the result and start again br br ... [...]
Geometric Constructions

Geometric Constructions 1.02

The program includes animations Each animation provides detailed step-by-step description of a straightedge-and-compass geometric construction studied in middle and high school geometry courses All constructions are grouped in eight sections Basic Constructions constructions Segments constructions Angles constructions Circles and Arcs constructions Triangles constructions Triangle Centers ... [...]

PrintTuner 1.08

PrintTuner is basically a virtual Printer for XP which will accept the Printing task from application and handles it in more sophisticated way saving you time money and effort With Layout options you print multiple pages on paper You can put pages on a single ... [...]
MITCalc - Planetary Gearing

MITCalc - Planetary Gearing 1.15

MITCalc - Planetary Gearing is a software application for geometric design and strength check of planet gear with straight and helical toothing The application is developed in MS Excel is multi-language and supports Imperial and Metric units Is based on ANSI AGMA and ISO DIN ... [...]


CGAL is a collaborative effort to develop a robust and efficient C software library of geometric data structures and algorithms The CGAL project is a collaborative effort to develop a robust easy to use and efficient C software library of geometric data structures and algorithms ... [...]

Spherical.js 0.5.1

p Spherical js takes six related images and stitches them together to form a D cube br br It then allows the user to use his mouse and drag around the cube's sides revealing the sides of the cubes and the stitched panorama image itself ... [...]
Shape Puzzle

Shape Puzzle 2.0

Drag the geometric shapes and fill in the grid to win Warning This game is much more difficult than it appears ... [...]
Ace ImageBot

Ace ImageBot 1.05

This is a powerful batch tool which assist You to perform different transformations with Your images It gives You full control on image size color model file format and also it's content with which You can do everything You want rotate flip resample apply bump ... [...]


Polygon can be used to perform different types of geometric operations with polygons This package can be used to perform different types of geometric operations with polygons It provides generic polygon and vertex classes that support mixing lines and arc segments between vertices Polygons may ... [...]
Image2PDF Add-on

Image2PDF Add-on 1.30

Image PDF Add-on is a library that helps you to convert images to PDF using PDF Creator Pilot You can apply filters transform and rotate images place watermarks on your images convert entire folders of images to PDF using just a couple of methods from ... [...]
SEVENPAR (English)

SEVENPAR (English) 2.07

SEVENPAR is a tool for the calculation of highly exact transformation parameters for the Spatial Helmert and Molodensky Transformation which make possible precise coordinate transformations from one reference system into another The determined transformation parameters can be entered directly into suitable transformation software e g ... [...]
jQuery Transit

jQuery Transit 0.9.9

p Documentation and usage cases are included in the package's README file br br Use ' ' transition instead of jQuery's ' ' animate with the same syntax br br Tested and working with IE Firefox Safari Google Chrome Opera and Mobile Safari br ... [...]
Transformations and Triangle Congruence

Transformations and Triangle Congruence 1.1

Transformations and Triangle Congruence allows you to create multiple triangles by using four possible congruence conditions Thus you can use the program to create triangles and to verify the congruence of two triangles br br In order to build a triangle you need to specify ... [...]

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